Hi,everyone.It just occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything today which is bad for a new blog.So here goes-
I just signed up to be a member of the creativity group in my school.The focus here will be on what this group stands for and hopes to achieve.
My school calls itself a science and tech school but have nothing to prove for it.Honestly,I don’t blame them.The nature of science and technology in this country (Ghana) is well…not what one might expect of a country that supposedly was the first to launch a cellular mobile network in sub-Saharan Africa in 1992.Or the first in Africa to be connected to the internet and introduce ADSL broadband services.It saddens me a lot but that is the ugly truth.Which brings me to my topic.
The creativity group is one that seeks to give people especially young people a chance to explore their creative side.Everybody is creative one way or the other,we are all awesome in or own way.We live in an era where people’s imaginations are becoming real.Take a closer look at bluetooth-which started out as a concept in the star trek TV show way back.The existence of this group should serve as a reminder.To remind the people and leaders of this country about that zeal,that passion that drove them into being the first sub-Saharan African country to make a head way in technology.The purpose of this group in my own view is to rekindle that fire in us.All it took was a young student probably my age to ask probably these same questions:”how can this country be part of the technological evolution”.”How can I contribute to that”.And here we are-3 years along the line with dozens of members and better sponsorship being apart of that evolution.We are being apart of something great.As I mentioned earlier I just signed on to be a recognized member today but I’ve been a member from the shadows.Following their every move,every step.And frankly,this is the kind of platform a guy like me needs and the people of Ghana deserve.To show us the way to success.This is what the creativity group in KNUST is all about to me.


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