There so many things geeks are fascinated with. Things ordinary people deem irrelevant or time wasting. But not geeks. They might seem a bit out of touch or misunderstood but that just makes them awesome. I’ll be taking a look at some of the things that fascinates geeks. Not saying I’m a geek or anything,that’s not for me to decide. So first on the list:

Theres is this thing among physics enthusiast that there could a particle that travels faster than light (FTL) or photons as is known in physics. Some 50 or 55 years ago Einstein theorized in one of his famous finds ever (ie relativity) that nothing can travel faster than light. So far that’s what we’ve seen until the rumours that faster than light speed is attainable. Tachyons are the hypothetical particles that’s supposedly faster than photons. However there hasn’t been any concrete prove of the existence of tachyons. Word is NASA was/is working on an engine that can make spacecraft travel faster than the speed of light.It’s called the Alcubierre  drive. But that’s false. But what if FTL speed was possible, what would that for mankind. This what fascinates geeks all around.

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So yeah, you probably have heard of wormholes from watching movies like back-to-the-future and star trek.A wormhole or technically Einstein-Rosen bridge is a hypothetical shortcut in spacetime that enables us to travel not only in space but also in time. So basically time travel. Wormholes are consequences of Einstein’s general relativity theory something he did not like himself but was implied from his maths. Travelling back in time or forward in time seems like an awesome adventure. When geeks talk about time travel they usually talk about the paradoxs one faces such as the grandfather paradox,parallel universe and the post-selected model.You’re probably wondering “what in God’s name are those” and I’d say “that’s just being geeky”.

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We’ve seen movies,we’ve seen aliens.Those green little thing-ys.”Take me to your leader earthlings”.You get the point.It is a scientific fact that there are billions of billions of billions of planets in this universe.In the milky way galaxy,where we’re from there are earthlike planets.So it’s ilogical to think ours is the only planet with intelligent species right.That is a very good argument.Why haven’t we found ’em yet.Either we are wrong or aliens are just good at playing hide and seek.Either way the thought of possibly not being the only people here is a hot topic amongs geeks.They just can’t get enough of it.How will they look like?Are they more advanced than us?Are they peaceful?Did they create us?Some of the topics geeks debate on.


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If you’re a geek then this has crossed your mind before. “will I get superhuman powers if i were bitten by a radioactive spider,or bathed in the radiation of a star?”.You probably wondering if you’ll get higher than normal bone or muscle density,or shoot lasers from your eyes.These are scenarios geeks play around with.Why, because they can.And they’re normally so detailed in these kinda arguments.

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Geeks really are awesome. They do all this and more because they can and love it.A big shout to all geeks out there.Nerds and docks aren’t left out either.

Enjoy your night/day.



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