Sometimes I feel originality is lost. There’s nothing new anywhere anymore. All the music,all the math,all the theories and discoveries have been done already. The best we can do is modify or improve on them. But is that really true-that the generation of today lack the ability to be original?
What is this cause of lack of originality anyways? Do we lack the ability to think? Do we lack the ability to be creative? Or is it our curse? I don’t know the answer to any of that. But what I do know and can say is that I have the utmost confidence in this generation- our generation. We’re not dead or weak. We’re stronger than we look. This is the innovative generation. With major advances in technology,medicine and security. All the self-driving cars,smartphones,health tracking watches are original products of this time. Our forefathers never thought of any of that stuff. This generation is still alive and full of originality. We’ve proven that already and we still continue to show it. This generation is just as original as the ones before. I’m proud to be part of this generation of originality.


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