Who we are…

Who am I? What is my purpose here? These are questions we seem to ask ourselves at some point in our lives. We learn so many things. Discover so many wonders. Explain even the hardest of concepts but yet just one thing eludes us-a question of who we are.
What makes us us? Is it our parents,friends,the community we find ourselves in or some other family members? You find people engaging in a whole lot of activities with the hopes of finding themselves out. Do they actually find out at the end? We have so many people in our midst today. Some leaders of political or religious groups. We have inventors,athletes,thinkers. Is that really their sole purpose on earth-to be what we know ’em to be or something far greater.
Sometime ago I wrote about originality. I think we do not know who we are because we are not our original self. Always wanting to be this man or woman. But ones we succumb to our original self then we’ll know who we are. But ones we know who we are,we stop exploring other parts of our self that needs nurturing. I say we are here to keep on exploring ourselves. To ascertain who we are and can be. We can be so much more than just our self. It’s just a matter of exploration.


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