A faithful morning..

That faithful morning as I sat before my  computer I thought to myself,’what the hell am I gonna do now?’. I had just broken up with my girlfriend the day before or rather she dumped me. I wouldn’t say it was the worst feeling ever however the feeling wasn’t pretty. Heck it’s the reason I started this entire blogging experience plus it was something I always wanted to do. I will not go into the details of the breakup but I will tell you that around the same time my cousin and roommate at school were experiencing a breakup of their own over the same dumb reason- ‘there was another guy’. I’m sure some of you guys and ladies out there can relate. We started going out in our first year at the university and it only lasted a full semester. If you are in Ghana then a semester is very much like 4 months in school. Then during the holidays it all came crumbling to pieces .
I guess man never realises his full potential unless he goes through a nasty ordeal. Because now my focus level is of the charts literally. I find myself trying out new things and funny enough getting quite good at them. Maybe I’m just trynna cope with how lonely I am or this is actually me doing what I do best. Whatever may be the case this feeling I have now is a good feeling.


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