The Void

I was in  a good mood as always,enjoying me some really nice movie, minding my own business and keeping away from trouble when I felt it suddenly. The bright day I envisioned turned into a gloomy abyss.
What did i feel?
What prompted that feeling?
It turns out there wasn’t any answer to be found [yet]. That feeling of loneliness,emptiness. That feeling that makes you question all what you are and strive to  become. That feeling that calls your decisions to question. For that split second,I became a stranger to my own self.  It was as if throughout my life I had taken the wrong turns.
Had I?
Wish i knew.
As time elapsed the feeling grew stronger and more dark as if I was falling in a never ending pit,scientist will call it a black-hole. I began to see myself drift from reality and enter my own plane of existence. One devoid of everything except me and my thoughts and my feelings. On a normal day it would be a safe place-my inner sanctum if you may. however on this day it wasn’t. It was a prison for my most feared thoughts that had somehow manifested into the open.
It was time to confront my demons (myself) head on. I did that or better still I’m doing that.
After deep contemplation I see now that such feelings are necessary to human life. It is a time to re-evaluate your stand in society. A time to reassert yourself and make the necessary changes that is desired as you go about living your  merry life.
I see now what drove me there in the fist place. There was something awfully wrong with me. Something that needed my immediate attention. A change that must be effected. Though I’m not sure this is the last of it. Seeing as I’m still human and still living and probably will continue to live [hopefully] times like this will resurface again and again and again till my last breath.


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