How did we get here
How did I get here
I wasn’t here yesterday ,I am here today
Societies grasp on me is too strong
Always turning to society for approval
Always wondering what society thinks of me,thinking what society wants from me
Everything I do is to please it yet I cant help to think I’ve falling short of that
Shit! eyes watching me everywhere I go,ears listening to everything I say
people talking behind my back and in front of me also
I don’t know what they want from me
Should I give in to the will of society?
Maybe I should…
No I shouldn’t
Society is a controlling maniac
At least thats what I see and believe
Why do I have to pay heed to what society says?
Because thats how its been for millennia
Did man really transform through millions of years of evolution for this
To succumb to the will of someone or something that claims to know whats best for you
Heck nah!
It’s time I rebelled against society
Seeking its approval means jack to me now
We weren’t meant to be friends,No we sure as hell aren’t meant to be
I am my own person and society is its own thing(whatever that “thing” is)
I will not bow to society anymore
I am my own person


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