There so many things geeks are fascinated with. Things ordinary people deem irrelevant or time wasting. But not geeks. They might seem a bit out of touch or misunderstood but that just makes them awesome. I’ll be taking a look at some of the things that fascinates geeks. Not saying I’m a geek or anything,that’s not for me to decide. So first on the list:

Theres is this thing among physics enthusiast that there could a particle that travels faster than light (FTL) or photons as is known in physics. Some 50 or 55 years ago Einstein theorized in one of his famous finds ever (ie relativity) that nothing can travel faster than light. So far that’s what we’ve seen until the rumours that faster than light speed is attainable. Tachyons are the hypothetical particles that’s supposedly faster than photons. However there hasn’t been any concrete prove of the existence of tachyons. Word is NASA was/is working on an engine that can make spacecraft travel faster than the speed of light.It’s called the Alcubierre  drive. But that’s false. But what if FTL speed was possible, what would that for mankind. This what fascinates geeks all around.

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So yeah, you probably have heard of wormholes from watching movies like back-to-the-future and star trek.A wormhole or technically Einstein-Rosen bridge is a hypothetical shortcut in spacetime that enables us to travel not only in space but also in time. So basically time travel. Wormholes are consequences of Einstein’s general relativity theory something he did not like himself but was implied from his maths. Travelling back in time or forward in time seems like an awesome adventure. When geeks talk about time travel they usually talk about the paradoxs one faces such as the grandfather paradox,parallel universe and the post-selected model.You’re probably wondering “what in God’s name are those” and I’d say “that’s just being geeky”.

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We’ve seen movies,we’ve seen aliens.Those green little thing-ys.”Take me to your leader earthlings”.You get the point.It is a scientific fact that there are billions of billions of billions of planets in this universe.In the milky way galaxy,where we’re from there are earthlike planets.So it’s ilogical to think ours is the only planet with intelligent species right.That is a very good argument.Why haven’t we found ’em yet.Either we are wrong or aliens are just good at playing hide and seek.Either way the thought of possibly not being the only people here is a hot topic amongs geeks.They just can’t get enough of it.How will they look like?Are they more advanced than us?Are they peaceful?Did they create us?Some of the topics geeks debate on.


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If you’re a geek then this has crossed your mind before. “will I get superhuman powers if i were bitten by a radioactive spider,or bathed in the radiation of a star?”.You probably wondering if you’ll get higher than normal bone or muscle density,or shoot lasers from your eyes.These are scenarios geeks play around with.Why, because they can.And they’re normally so detailed in these kinda arguments.

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Geeks really are awesome. They do all this and more because they can and love it.A big shout to all geeks out there.Nerds and docks aren’t left out either.

Enjoy your night/day.




Blogging can be a very difficult task. Daunting as well. Always having to find the right words to say and how to put those words together. And at the same time keep your readers captivated. You always have to bring out something new to the table.
People go into blogging without knowing what’s at stack. Knowing not whether the public appreciates what you’re trying to put across. You could get lucky and get thousands of viewers or none at all. All the same this should not serve as a detriment. One that should stop you from doing what you love or getting your message across.
Blogging can be scary a times. Sometimes people construe your message wrongly. And you might end up instigating a riot or something or you might just change a life for good.
Blogging can also be fun. It exposes you to a whole new world out there. Being a source of education to the blogger and his readers. A great job well done to all bloggers. You keep doing what you do and never give up. It’s a life changing game


What is school?  Why do I go to school? Why do you go to school? what  does school have to offer you and me? These are questions we ask ourselves at one point in time in our lives. there are times we feel school is just a waste. I haven’t travelled the world to know if this feeling is universal but I know that’s how my cousin and I feel. As well as my neighbor next door.

I hate the idea of having to learn on someone’s schedule. On the average I do things better at my own pace. I hate the idea of my worth or relevance being based on a test. I hate the idea of having to rush in my studies in order to catch up with my friends. It’s not like the world is coming to an end. I hate the idea of learning what others think I should learn instead of learning what I want to learn when I want to learn. I hate the idea of having to sit in class quietly while watching someone else do all the talking. I’m an interactive learner for God’s sake. I hate the very main idea that when you don’t go to class society sees you as a delinquent. Your teaches get mad and probably punish you. I hate the idea of your peers calling you all sort of names because you couldn’t answer the teacher’s question. In short school kills spirit.

Unfortunately this is the nature of school in has been this way for a long time. I guess its safe to say some do understand how school should be like and are doing everything possible to make it that way. however the effort isn’t enough

It’s not that I hate school. I just despise some of the methods adopted in a place meant for all to go and gather knowledge. After all it is the education that’s important not school. Yes they are completely different things.

An education is not how much you have commited to memory or even how much you know.It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't.It's knowing where to go to find out what you need to know;and it's knowing how to use the information once you get it.
 -William Feather.


Hi,everyone.It just occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything today which is bad for a new blog.So here goes-
I just signed up to be a member of the creativity group in my school.The focus here will be on what this group stands for and hopes to achieve.
My school calls itself a science and tech school but have nothing to prove for it.Honestly,I don’t blame them.The nature of science and technology in this country (Ghana) is well…not what one might expect of a country that supposedly was the first to launch a cellular mobile network in sub-Saharan Africa in 1992.Or the first in Africa to be connected to the internet and introduce ADSL broadband services.It saddens me a lot but that is the ugly truth.Which brings me to my topic.
The creativity group is one that seeks to give people especially young people a chance to explore their creative side.Everybody is creative one way or the other,we are all awesome in or own way.We live in an era where people’s imaginations are becoming real.Take a closer look at bluetooth-which started out as a concept in the star trek TV show way back.The existence of this group should serve as a reminder.To remind the people and leaders of this country about that zeal,that passion that drove them into being the first sub-Saharan African country to make a head way in technology.The purpose of this group in my own view is to rekindle that fire in us.All it took was a young student probably my age to ask probably these same questions:”how can this country be part of the technological evolution”.”How can I contribute to that”.And here we are-3 years along the line with dozens of members and better sponsorship being apart of that evolution.We are being apart of something great.As I mentioned earlier I just signed on to be a recognized member today but I’ve been a member from the shadows.Following their every move,every step.And frankly,this is the kind of platform a guy like me needs and the people of Ghana deserve.To show us the way to success.This is what the creativity group in KNUST is all about to me.

newbie :)

Ok, now I must admit I’m new to this blogging stuff. However I will endeavor to make my post as entertaining as possible. My primary focus will be on the sciences (physics in particular) and technology and occasionally any topic that strikes my fancy