How did we get here
How did I get here
I wasn’t here yesterday ,I am here today
Societies grasp on me is too strong
Always turning to society for approval
Always wondering what society thinks of me,thinking what society wants from me
Everything I do is to please it yet I cant help to think I’ve falling short of that
Shit! eyes watching me everywhere I go,ears listening to everything I say
people talking behind my back and in front of me also
I don’t know what they want from me
Should I give in to the will of society?
Maybe I should…
No I shouldn’t
Society is a controlling maniac
At least thats what I see and believe
Why do I have to pay heed to what society says?
Because thats how its been for millennia
Did man really transform through millions of years of evolution for this
To succumb to the will of someone or something that claims to know whats best for you
Heck nah!
It’s time I rebelled against society
Seeking its approval means jack to me now
We weren’t meant to be friends,No we sure as hell aren’t meant to be
I am my own person and society is its own thing(whatever that “thing” is)
I will not bow to society anymore
I am my own person



I met her again. This time she looked perfect. She does look perfect always but this time she looked “over-perfect”. Something about her caught my attention. I couldn’t stop gazing.

What was it?

Was it her exotic natural curves?

Or her deep smile that could make any man forget his troubles?

Or her new hair style that agreed with her pretty face?

For the first time I was speechless in front of a woman. Damn!!! “Wish I could get me some of those”- every man’s dream after seeing a creature so gorgeous. Surely, she was created in God’s own image

The Void

I was in  a good mood as always,enjoying me some really nice movie, minding my own business and keeping away from trouble when I felt it suddenly. The bright day I envisioned turned into a gloomy abyss.
What did i feel?
What prompted that feeling?
It turns out there wasn’t any answer to be found [yet]. That feeling of loneliness,emptiness. That feeling that makes you question all what you are and strive to  become. That feeling that calls your decisions to question. For that split second,I became a stranger to my own self.  It was as if throughout my life I had taken the wrong turns.
Had I?
Wish i knew.
As time elapsed the feeling grew stronger and more dark as if I was falling in a never ending pit,scientist will call it a black-hole. I began to see myself drift from reality and enter my own plane of existence. One devoid of everything except me and my thoughts and my feelings. On a normal day it would be a safe place-my inner sanctum if you may. however on this day it wasn’t. It was a prison for my most feared thoughts that had somehow manifested into the open.
It was time to confront my demons (myself) head on. I did that or better still I’m doing that.
After deep contemplation I see now that such feelings are necessary to human life. It is a time to re-evaluate your stand in society. A time to reassert yourself and make the necessary changes that is desired as you go about living your  merry life.
I see now what drove me there in the fist place. There was something awfully wrong with me. Something that needed my immediate attention. A change that must be effected. Though I’m not sure this is the last of it. Seeing as I’m still human and still living and probably will continue to live [hopefully] times like this will resurface again and again and again till my last breath.

A faithful morning..

That faithful morning as I sat before my  computer I thought to myself,’what the hell am I gonna do now?’. I had just broken up with my girlfriend the day before or rather she dumped me. I wouldn’t say it was the worst feeling ever however the feeling wasn’t pretty. Heck it’s the reason I started this entire blogging experience plus it was something I always wanted to do. I will not go into the details of the breakup but I will tell you that around the same time my cousin and roommate at school were experiencing a breakup of their own over the same dumb reason- ‘there was another guy’. I’m sure some of you guys and ladies out there can relate. We started going out in our first year at the university and it only lasted a full semester. If you are in Ghana then a semester is very much like 4 months in school. Then during the holidays it all came crumbling to pieces .
I guess man never realises his full potential unless he goes through a nasty ordeal. Because now my focus level is of the charts literally. I find myself trying out new things and funny enough getting quite good at them. Maybe I’m just trynna cope with how lonely I am or this is actually me doing what I do best. Whatever may be the case this feeling I have now is a good feeling.


It’s been that long since I opened this page to write something down. It’s as scary as the first day I started writing. With dopamine flooding your entire system and thoughts rushing through your mind trying to come out with the perfect article.
After an extremely long time away, I’ve had time to reevaluate myself. I now know there’s no such thing as a perfect article. There’s only an article that is meant to capture and entertain your readers.
That is what I seek to achieve this time around. Until the next post,have a wonderful day/night.

Who we are…

Who am I? What is my purpose here? These are questions we seem to ask ourselves at some point in our lives. We learn so many things. Discover so many wonders. Explain even the hardest of concepts but yet just one thing eludes us-a question of who we are.
What makes us us? Is it our parents,friends,the community we find ourselves in or some other family members? You find people engaging in a whole lot of activities with the hopes of finding themselves out. Do they actually find out at the end? We have so many people in our midst today. Some leaders of political or religious groups. We have inventors,athletes,thinkers. Is that really their sole purpose on earth-to be what we know ’em to be or something far greater.
Sometime ago I wrote about originality. I think we do not know who we are because we are not our original self. Always wanting to be this man or woman. But ones we succumb to our original self then we’ll know who we are. But ones we know who we are,we stop exploring other parts of our self that needs nurturing. I say we are here to keep on exploring ourselves. To ascertain who we are and can be. We can be so much more than just our self. It’s just a matter of exploration.


Sometimes I feel originality is lost. There’s nothing new anywhere anymore. All the music,all the math,all the theories and discoveries have been done already. The best we can do is modify or improve on them. But is that really true-that the generation of today lack the ability to be original?
What is this cause of lack of originality anyways? Do we lack the ability to think? Do we lack the ability to be creative? Or is it our curse? I don’t know the answer to any of that. But what I do know and can say is that I have the utmost confidence in this generation- our generation. We’re not dead or weak. We’re stronger than we look. This is the innovative generation. With major advances in technology,medicine and security. All the self-driving cars,smartphones,health tracking watches are original products of this time. Our forefathers never thought of any of that stuff. This generation is still alive and full of originality. We’ve proven that already and we still continue to show it. This generation is just as original as the ones before. I’m proud to be part of this generation of originality.